Señor Sour’s Tasting Notes - Juicy Drop Gummies

  • Let Señor Sour take your taste buds on a journey so juicy, so extreme, so delicious your taste buds might explode before they even take a lick!

  • Blue Rebel: I get hints of blue lasers shooting from my ears, monster trucks loaded with sourness driving full speed down my tongue, mini-volcanoes of deliciousness erupting everywhere and maybe nutmeg? This flavor is a rebellion against all things non-tasty!

  • Apple Attack: *Nom nom nom nom* Very good, Juicadors! Muy delicioso! My palate soars like a balloon you accidentally let go when you almost had it all blown up! It is as if a whole orchard of sour apples were shot into my mouth with a giant medieval catapult! My taste buds are doing backflips!

  • Knockout Punch: Knockout Punch tastes like courage and candy had a baby! It’s like the heavyweight champion of the world is punching the part of your brain that controls happiness with gigantic rhino-power punches. I don’t even care that I am making that really squinty face.

  • Watermelon Blast: Look out, Juicador! Watermelon Blast is a tidal wave of mega-sour flavor headed right for your tongue! I love watermelon so much I always eat the rind and all the seeds! Who cares if the seeds grow watermelons inside of you?! mucho awesome!