Señor Sour’s Spanish Lessons

  • Here's what would happen if Señor Sour were your Spanish teacher!

  • English: I don’t care if it’s impractical, you argumentative mechanic. I want you to install the jet pack onto the back of my motocross bike. Spanish: No me importa la impracticabilidad, mecánico argumentativo. Yo quiero el jet pack atrás de mi moto.

  • English: Taxi driver, take me to your country’s most active volcano. Spanish: Taxista! Condurcirme al volcán más activo de su país.

  • English: When I say the code word, ‘Nicaragua,’ please could you open the door to the viper cage? Spanish: Cuando yo digo “Nicaragua”, abriere la jaula de las víboras.

  • English: That is not a true copy of The Iliad, it is a hollowed out secret container for my treasured sour candy. Shhh. Spanish: Ese no es una copia real de la Illiad, es un compartimento por mis dulces atesorados. Shhhh.

  • English: Get back here you giant squid and let me ride you like an underwater roller coaster. I will not harpoon you, not even a little. Spanish: Ven aquí, calamar gigante. Voy a montarte como una montaña rusa abajo del mar. No voy a arponearte, ni un poquito.