Señor Sour’s Extreme Summer Picnic

  • Regular straws are for regula-dors. You are a Juicador, so you need a straw that makes at least one victory lap around your head.

  • Every sandwich is made up of layers: layers of challenges! How tall can you make it? How many ingredients can you fit into it? How wide can you open your mouth?

  • Here’s a rule to live by: if your snack is easy to eat it has no place at your picnic.

  • I just think these guys are super cute! They remind me of my abuela, the beautiful woman who helped to raise me and imparted a sense of extremeness into everything I do.

  • No extreme summer picnic is complete without the limit pushing, taste bud tingling, courage inducing line of Juicy Drop Pops and Taffies.

  • Lay out the brightest blanket you can find. You’ll want people in space to know that you’re having an extreme picnic.