Gummy Tales

  • NEW Juicy Drop Gummies aren’t just extreme in taste, they’re extreme in life. But don’t take our word for it, read all of these totally true stories about Gummies in action.

  • One extreme gummy, Phil, flosses crocodile’s teeth for fun. Sometimes they bite, but Phil is as fast as a whip.

  • On a dare one extreme gummy spent 15 years tying together rope after rope creating a lasso so long it could reach the moon. Then with the help of a running start it launched the lasso at a full moon and snared it right around the middle, changing the galaxy forever.

  • For kicks one gummy decided to shoot itself out of a cannon and straight into the mouth of a shark that was being lowered into a volcano. It managed to tame the shark and ride it out of the volcano to safety. Now the shark is its personal bodyguard.

  • One extreme gummy lives in Antarctica in a speedo. It paints oil portraits of polar bears and Arctic foxes.