Dare to Test Your Limits Event Photos

  • Señor Sour and WWE® Superstar Santino strike fearsome poses with the fate-making Wheel of Dares.

  • Señor Sour faces off against a Juicador in an arm wrestling match, while Santino keeps everyone honest.

  • A young Juicador makes a pledge to “Dare to Stop Bullying.”

  • Looks like bullying doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Señor Sour mans the anti-bullying station at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City.

  • Señor Sour and WWE® Superstar Santino pose with the ultimate champions of the candy kingdom.

  • Señor Sour instills some anti-bullying wisdom on an eager young Juicador.

  • WWE® Superstar Santino cheers for two Juicadors as they complete a challenge from the Wheel of Dares!

  • WWE® Superstar Santino signs his glamour shots for some adoring fans!

  • A young Juicador takes a Santino-selfie.

  • Que sorpresa! Señor Sour can’t catch a break with this whole “arm wrestling” thing!

  • Santino refs a final arm wrestling match. Will Señor Sour redeem himself? Is he any match for another young Juicador? We may never know.