NEW! Juicy Drop Gum

Juicy DropTM Gum is sure to be your new go-to favorite! Each pack of sweet bubble gum and sour gel comes in all of our classic Juicy Drop® flavors: Knock-Out PunchTM, Blue RebelTM, Watermelon BlastTM and Apple AttackTM. Every piece of gum is bursting with deliciousness, and you can use sour gel to boost and recharge your gum in a 2-in-1 mind-blowing flavor experience! Boost it. Chew it. Repeat. With NEW Juicy Drop Gum!

Juicy Drop Gum will be available at retailers nationwide. Major retailers include: Walmart®, Kroger®, 7–Eleven®, Food Lion®, Walgreens, Casey’s General Store®, AM PM®, H-E-B®, Family Dollar®, Allsups®, Rite Aid.

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